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Hi! We are Matija + Marina, Croatia wedding photographer & videographer duo. We shoot anywhere in Croatia!


What sets us apart is the time we’ll devote to getting to know you, so we can tell the story of who you really are. We believe that each couple is very much unique and the only way to do this right is to tailor our approach to you.


How? Well, let’s find that out together! We’ll start by learning more about you, so you get authentic, honest photos of your big day without us ever getting in your way. Of course, all of this is a two way process and you’ll get to know us as well!
We’ll experience your wedding by your side and witness it unfold as true insiders. We won’t pretend to be invisible but we won’t boss you around either. Most often we’ll just snap a quick shot, smile and get out of your way. And like all our couples, the moment you see your finished shots you’ll know we beautifully captured your true selves on that special day!
When the day finally comes and excitement takes you over, we’ll be your new friends, keep a cool head, support you when you need us and simply blend in when you don’t.
Weddings are such emotional events and by the time everything is over, you’ll feel like you’ve known us forever! And in a way, it will be true —- you’ll have known us for your entire married life!

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If you’re reading this, you may have picked your perfect wedding location. We want to talk a bit about weddings in Croatia and hopefully provide some useful information and inspiration.

If you’re still in search of your ideal spot in Croatia, check out our article about Croatia wedding venues and locations. It’s brimming with photos that will catch your eye and inspire you to find something unique and worth all the travel!

In the article you’ll find many stunning locations listed from south to north: Dubrovnik with island of Lokrum, Elaphiti islands of Lopud and Kolocep, Korcula, Hvar and Vis islands, Split and finally island of Rab. There’s a lot more to Croatia than just these, but we had to draw the line somewhere and we’re partial to the Adriatic area.

And as Croatia wedding photographers we travel — a lot! Last year we didn’t shoot twice in the same town! (With one exception — island of Vis, and you’ll soon see why.) Traveling so much in the wedding season is demanding, but also very rewarding. It’s so easy to get inspired when each week takes you to a new beautiful location just waiting to be explored. And yes, we’ve started to run out of locations to explore as Croatia wedding photographer, but each time we return to a place we’ve visited we still find new hidden alleys, terraces and vistas we’ve missed before.

Due to Croatia’s geography, people in different areas, towns and islands were historically isolated. This means their culture is very different — even the dialects they speak vary incredibly from place to place. There are not so few parts of Croatia where even we, native born Croats who have criss-crossed the country with our travels, would have hard time understanding a single word from native locals.
It’s pretty mind-boggling when you think about it, in a country with total population half that of London!

Croatia may be small, but it’s incredibly diverse. We like to say that it’s our world shrunk down to the size of a country and this isn’t far from the truth. We may not have jungles and deserts , but we do have snowy mountains, barren hills, temperate forests, pine woods, rivers and lakes, deltas and estuaries — and of course, the Adriatic sea and a 1000 islands!

Our national parks cover 10% of country’s area and each of our islands is a world unto its own. To say that Croatia is beautiful would be an understatement (and this is us trying to be humble!).

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