Let's get to know each other!A few things about meWho am I?

Nobody wants a complete stranger at their wedding, so here are a few quick facts about me. 🙂

I like coffee on sunny mornings and green tea on gloomy evenings. I eat only dark, bitter chocolate and my favourite fruit is jujube which grows in my garden in Dubrovnik.

I’m curious, perceptive and easy-going. I like asymmetry and change. I love design and typography and often incorporate them in the books I create.

I have an insatiable hunger for creativity and I’m completely in love with photography. I’ll shoot just about any type of camera I can get my hands on (including a DIY cardboard film camera my friend brought me from USA) and have experimented with just about every photographic process you can think of – I even created one I called doublescaling.

The only thing I love more than shooting… is shooting weddings with my wife. Weddings fill us with warmth and joy, which is a happy coincidence since photography does the same.

When my mind needs a reset (and/or my wife insists :), we put on our body armours and helmets, take our bikes and go for a few downhill runs on nearby mountains. Or I pick up my drum sticks and she picks up her bass.

I love widely contrasting musical genres so my playlists will contain everything from ambient-dub-electronica to Elvis-Che-Guevara-garage-punk. I rarely watch TV, I see one movie per year but I record and edit at least two videos of my own.

So, there it is. It’s nice to meet you 🙂
Let’s connect and tell me about your big day!

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