Let's get to know each other!A few things about usWho are we?

Hey hey, it’s nice to meet you!


We’re Marina & Matija and we’ve been creating together for as long as we’ve known each other… which is close to 18 years now. We’re artists and parents of two boys who are too clever for their own good.

In our case, similarities attract — there’s practically nothing that interests one of us and not the other. We share everything in life and we’ll be the first to admit we can’t live without each other. We’ve never been a day apart if we could help it.

So you’d like to know more about us to see if we’ll connect? That’s a good starting point. We don’t just record photos, it’s much more than that — we offer experiences.

Your wedding day is one of those unforgettable events which are engraved in your memory forever. We fully recognize that and easily fit in with a friendly, spontaneous approach which will reflect yourselves in our art.

We’re adventurous, warm and perceptive. This works amazingly with our couples who are always easy going and open for new experiences themselves.

Our never-ending curiosity keeps bringing us new hobbies. I got Marina into downhill riding and cliff diving, and she got me into skateboarding and encouraged me to act on my decades long desire to play drums.

Here’s some quick facts about both of us:



  • loves french press and espresso lungo
  • drinks orange flower + lemongrass tea in the morning
  • plays drums
  • likes vibrant colours in photos
  • stays up late in creative endeavours
  • reads non-fiction and re-tells it in too much detail over breakfast
  • only ever does dry downhill runs, otherwise gets grumpy
  • is the resident home DJ, playing anything from electronica to punk, all the time
  • cooks a lot
  • loves prosciutto
  • loves craft beer
  • plays with way too much random spices when cooking
  • uses ridiculous amounts of chilli sauce (ridiculously tiny amounts)


  • can never decide between cortado and cappuccino
  • indulges in orange and apple juice for breakfast
  • plays bass
  • claims she likes vibrant colors, but is secretly in love with B&W
  • falls asleep on the couch and likes to sleep in
  • prefers browsing photo galleries for inspiration
  • doesn’t mind muddy and slippery slopes
  • never complains no matter what he plays, occasionally compliments the choice
  • bakes a lot
  • loves prosciutto
  • loves craft beer
  • pours parmesan on everything that even remotely looks like it could handle some cheese… even when it’s already among ingredients


So there it is! Now, we’re curious: what’s your thing, why do you feel we’d be right for your wedding? Let us know!
You can get either one of us — or both of us — to shoot your session or big day, so let us in on your thoughts on that when you contact us!


Photos on this page by: Petar Jurica, Nina Anić, Vanja Vrkljan, Vladimir Mudrovčić, Randi Kreckman, Matija + Marina