Adventure Wedding CroatiaEmma & MattThis amazing couple took us for an adventure

This adventure elopement on the island of Hvar was definitely going to be something to be remembered! Being adventure wedding photographer will of course be challenging, but rarely do you run into a couple who routinely walk double digits of miles in the Australian wilderness and can outrun you, outhike you and generally out-endure you, even in a dress shirt and a wedding dress.

So, meet Emma & Matt! Marina and I knew they’d make our day of shooting and recording fun, so we offered them to meet a day early and just go for some general adventuring around the island, exploring together. This turned into this amazing session.

When the wedding day came, they asked us an interesting questions. Would one of us be willing to drive the van up a steep hill, off road, to the top of the mountain where they wanted to get married.

Now, this was unexpected and unusual, to say the least, but we still said ‘yes’, haha. We very much respect adventurous spirit and were really curious as to what will be on the top of the mountain and why they picked St. Nicholas’ summit for their ceremony.

So after a long crawl uphill over holes and rocks (luckily the van had a bi-turbo engine and could handle it), we started to get some idea of what was in store. There was a 10 min climb uphill on foot before we reached the summit, however, and we were amazed at the ease with which Emma climbed in her wedding dress without ever breaking a sweat. Wow!

So what was on the top? A breathtaking view, of course. It’s hard to remember a time we were on a higher point overlooking the sea. Of course, it’s impossible to describe, so this would be a great time to let you see the video and browse through the gallery. Enjoy!




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