Art Gallery Dubrovnik weddingKat & NikOpulent, stunning wedding in the Museum of Modern Art


This Art Gallery Dubrovnik wedding left us speechless! After scrolling through the gallery, hopefully you’re realizing why. But let’s start at the beginning of the wedding.

Kat & Nik have flown in all the way from the US after many delays as all the stars have finally aligned to allow them to follow through with their dream wedding.

The day begins in a luxurious hotel Excelsior room overlooking the Old Town Dubrovnik itself, where Kat gathered with her best friends to get ready. Meanwhile, Nik was finishing his part of preparations, toasts and finishing touches as he got ready to descend from his villa in Ploče area and meet Kat before the ceremony.

We arranged a private first look — no small feat in a city overflowing with people at this time of the summer — so we took the couple to the atrium of the Dominican monastery. This worked out amazingly well, as they could forget about everything and everyone else and just focus on this moment of revelation when Kat tapped nick on his shoulder and he first saw her in her stunning dress.

With no one around, there was nothing to spoil their first impressions.
They were soon ready for their ceremony in the church of St. Blasius, the protector of Dubrovnik. It’s a huge and very old church, a beautiful backdrop for their wedding.

After a short session, we left the confines of Old Town’s city walls and got up to the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, or colloquially Art Gallery, where all the guests were ready and waiting for us.

After the grand entrance, we started gathering our impressions and shooting like crazy! This neo-classical edifice is absolutely stunning! Huge open spaces, pieces of art and statues scattered around, amazing view of the Old Town Dubrovnik, island of Lokrum and Banje beach were in perfect synergy with the decorations and flowers set up by the team from Dubrovnik Destination Wedding.

As the night fell and dinner reception ended, guests got up to dance and that’s when the atmosphere got really hot, fuelled by the beautiful lighting set up to light each and every column and façade. The final shots show the moonlit night over Dubrovnik…

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