Azores Wedding PhotographerAtlantic archipelago of volcanoes, waterfalls, lakes and stunning, untouched nature

Azores archipelago is among the most stunning natural landscapes you will find on this planet, so ever since I first visited I dreamt of being Azores wedding photographer and videographer. Well, it seems dreams do come true!
We’ve had the luck of recording weddings and sessions throughout the biggest island of São Miguel and each one of them produced epic photos and an amazing adventure in itself. Here’s what we recorded so far…

Lindsey & Blake

Azores WeddingLindsey & BlakeMid-Atlantic jungle adventure wedding

Lindsey & Blake

Azores SessionLindsey & BlakeEpic adventure on volcanic islands

Azores adventure

The unforgettableAzores adventureLand of volcanoes, waterfalls and untouched nature

Danielle & Connor

Azores PhotographerDanielle & ConnorBeauty on volcanic beaches of São Miguel

Rita & João

Azores SessionRita & JoãoPortugal romance on a far away archipelago

The Azores Archipelago

O Arquipélago dos AçoresThe Azores ArchipelagoExploring the lost islands of the Atlantic

Angela & Iván

Azores Engagement PhotographerAngela & IvánRock 'n' roll romance on Açores

Aleksandra & Michał

Azores Prewedding PhotographerAleksandra & MichałSession on the waters of Atlantic

But first, let me tell you a bit about this place. The Azores archipelago comprises 9 islands spanning some 600km. They are situated on a fault line in mid-Atlantic ocean and they’re actually volcanic, which creates a lot of interesting phenomena — from black volcanic beaches to geothermal springs. But, I’m jumping ahead.
Marina and I are adventurous nature-lovers, so we were stunned time after time by the amazing natural landscapes unfolding before our eyes. The colors there are so vibrant and the green has this special otherworldly hue, helped by the pristine air and scorching sun.
Volcanic grounds are incredibly fertile, so the vegetation is lush beyond anything we’ve seen so far. What’s more, it differs from island to island, so while São Miguel island is somewhat reminiscent of Alpine pastures, Flores is more like a temperate jungle full of exotic flora (and an impossible amount of waterfalls).

The fun doesn’t stop there. Volcanic rock is dark, so when waves crush and grind them into sand, beautiful black beaches are created. They provide a deep contrast to the blues of the Atlantic and are a boon for photographers.


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Amid all of this are reminders of past volcanic activity, so you can find deep blue, olive green and even yellow lakes. Hot-springs abound throughout the São Miguel island, ranging from boiling hot (used to prepare cozido das furnas, traditional dish cooked underground for hours) to moderately warm springs where you can go for a dip and enjoy the slow-cook yourselves.

Swimming in the Atlantic is also an adventure. If you manage to miss the sea turtles, dolphins and whales, you just may realize that the sea temperature is pretty chilly. Not to worry, Ponta Da Ferraria natural swimming pool has your back — it’s a small bay where warm springs mix with sea water, so the temperature is just perfect!

The islands are pretty mountainous, so miradouros (viewpoints) with stunning vistas are everywhere. The best ones overlook volcanic lakes in their craters. One of the most iconic locations (voted by National Geographic as one of the best views in the world) is Miradouro da Grota do Inferno.

It’s overlooking a huge volcanic crater which exploded 200 years ago in a mind-boggling bang and left a series of craters and lakes embedded in the scenery. It’s hard to describe the epicness of it, so you’ll just have to scroll through our photos.

The Azores are mercilessly beaten by the Atlantic all year round, so water is everywhere. Many streams criss-cross the islands and combined with the mountainous terrain create many amazing waterfalls. We never before had the chance to go swimming under waterfalls (let alone geothermal waterfalls!), but on Azores we finally did it!

Waterfalls are truly diverse in their appearances, ranging from small cascades in deep forest slowly making their way downhill, to bigger ones that have carved deep canyons in hard rock, all the way to the huge waterfalls that just decided to fall off a big mountain, get picked up by the wind during their fall and just disappear into thin air instead of crashing down below!


We will take literally any excuse to go back to Azores, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want experienced guides with an eye for epic locations to guide you around while creating amazing photos and video!


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