Hvar WeddingShona & BryanA stunning Hvar adventure

Where do you being when you’ve gotten to be friends with your couple before even meeting them?

Two years ago, Shona and Bryan contacted me to be their Hvar wedding photographer. Back then they had little idea of how it is all going to look, but two years is a long time and email after email after email got us closer and closer to their dream day.

The planning had it’s ups and downs, like when the ceremony venue cancelled their booking due to renovations. I can only imagine how stressful that must have been! As a Hvar wedding photographer, I naturally happened to be on Hvar again, shooting a wedding, so I spent one day exploring around, recording photos, videos and sound to help them envisage what kind of light and ambiance they could expect on those locations. Luckily, in the process Church of St. Marak magically became available again, so that’s what we went with.

We also worked together on some other little details, like moving the dinner reception off a smaller island back to the main island when the venue didn’t really come through in the way we hoped; or booking a taxi boat to go for a private session on Gališnik islet (we just had to have a boat ride during the wedding, what can I say?).

You’ll notice a lot of “we-s” in this description and that’s for the simple reason that I slowly but surely got involved and invested with the planning, sharing the joys and worries of it with Shona and Bryan.

And you know what? When the day came, it was all worth it! Everything went smoothly and we all had an amazing time — including my 3 month old son which they invited to join us… because they’re nice guys like that 🙂

Enjoy this amazing journey through Hvar!


Hvar Franciscan monastery main square on Hvar Hvar harbor alleys getting ready apartment view through the window terrace overlooking Hvar harbor wedding details wedding bouquet bride's flower wreath girls getting ready girls doing hair bride getting makeup bride with her father finishing bride's hair bride and mum cheers wedding dress detail St. Mark's church entering the ceremony venue bride and father entering ceremony venue bride and father walking down the aisle groom welcoming his bride couple hugging ceremony in progress ceremony at St. Mark's church Hvar vows exchanging rings exchanging rings confetti group hugs girls congratulating mum congratulating the bride groom in good spirits boats on Hvar wedding bouquet couple in the harbor newlyweds boarding a speedboat in Hvar harbor couple kissing while sailing off the coast of Hvar Galisnik island couple on Galisnik island Hvar wedding photographer bride posing groom posing Hvar wedding photographer Hvar wedding photographer Hvar wedding photographer couple hugging above main square on Hvar intimate moment between the couple total shot of the couple coming down the stairs romantic hug Hvar alleys wedding first kiss alley passageway in old town Hvar alley passageway Hvar Park reception venue bride getting ready for reception bride and groom waiting for the guests newlyweds entering the reception venue newlyweds entering the reception venue toast during dinner dinner reception dinner reception Hvar Park wedding reception venue


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