Dubrovnik EngagementIvona & DomagojA three day adventure on sea and land

As far as photographic adventures go, this one probably beats all!
It was just the right mix of fun, excitement and a bit of danger. I don’t think I should disclose everything, but suffice it to say that it included a 3 day plan, many weather forecast refreshes on our phones, getting up while it was still dark outside and taking a speedboat to try and disembark on this bunch of inhospitable rocks in front of Dubrovnik.


…and of course, shooting this session at the crack of dawn while the lighthouse keeper was still snoozing (and I’m being quite literal when I say this).
The results? Well, spectacular. Time after time we find that bravery and persistence often gets rewarded with serendipity — in this case, most spectacular dawn we’ve seen in years. Enjoy these locations scattered in the waters around Dubrovnik.


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