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If you’ve had your eye on a Dubrovnik wedding or romantic engagement session, whom better to pick than a native Dubrovnik wedding photographer?

dubrovnik wedding photographer dubrovnik wedding photographer

One half of us, Matija, was born and spent most of his life in Dubrovnik, while the other, Marina, has been by his side for 19 years and counting.
After years of exploring the city, we truly know all the hidden and beautiful parts of the town that occasional visitors are sure to miss — each rock, stone and tree.

If you’re longing to find a secluded romantic spot under wild orange trees or just a place under ancient stone walls to hide from all the throng, we’ll guide you there and beautifully record it!

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Whether you want a private and romantic session on paths less trodden, a journey through the heart of the Old Town, a boat ride to your island ceremony venue or a sophisticated wedding in one of the luxury hotels, we’ve been there. We’ll be happy to guide you around and show you all the amazing places and breathtaking views Dubrovnik and it’s surrounding area offer.

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Added bonus to being Dubrovnik wedding photographers and videographers is keeping in touch with many local vendors that might come in handy when you arrive to this little piece of paradise.
We enjoy every opportunity and look for any excuse to explore our hometown with cameras in our hands, so if you’re looking for a unique and fresh angle on your adventure in Dubrovnik, let’s connect!

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We’re very privileged to be able to call ourselves a Dubrovnik wedding photographer & videographer duo — Dubrovnik’s nickname is the “pearl of Adriatic” and it’s a UNESCO World heritage site. And rightfully so. It’s hard to find so much historic diversity in such a small area anywhere else, which is amazing when you’re a photographer looking for stunning backdrops and amazing light reflecting off centuries old stone.

Dubrovnik’s history begins around 7th century and the first settlement on a rocky island called Lausa. First city walls came soon after, even though they have nothing to do with today’s iconic fortification around the town.

Dubrovnik’s long and winding history begins here and includes ups and downs worthy of a novel (or few hundred history books, if that’s your preference). Without going into too much details, one theme that was constant was its excellent diplomacy, which managed to avert many wars, pacify many conquerors and secure the position of Dubrovnik Republic as a small but powerful trade force in the middle ages.
The upshot of all of this is an exquisite and rich Old Town inside modern Dubrovnik which is beautifully ornamented and diverse beyond what a few photos can illustrate.

As Dubrovnik became a very popular destination, a whole ecosystem of venues developed around it, giving you quite number of options. As Dubrovnik wedding photographers, we’ve shot at most of them and we’d be happy to discuss options with you if you need ideas and inspiration. Or simply scroll through a few of our galleries and see for yourselves.

Along with Dubrovnik, there are many options just a short boat ride away. For example, island of Lokrum, a natural reserve with ancient Dominican monastery, is a stunning place for your ceremony.
Added bonus is the cool breeze during a hot summer day on your ride back from the island.

Another option is one of the Elaphiti islands, like Villa Rose on Kolocep, or hotel Lafodia on Lopud. They provide much more private and secluded venues and a whole different island vibe — slow, relaxed and almost meditative. And all that is less that 1h of a boat ride away from Dubrovnik!

If you’re still undecided about picking your location and wondering whether Dubrovnik is the right choice, take a look at our illustrated Croatian wedding venues guide. And don’t worry, we shoot anywhere in Croatia!

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