Florence Wedding PhotographerAlexandria & TysonA fairy tale in Florence, Tuscany

Okay, where do I begin? Let’s start with Tyson, our groom.

So you propose in New Mexico, fly half the way across the globe to Italy, find a stunning and ancient villa in Florence, go to a concert of your favorite band in Bologne the night before the wedding, make it back in time for the last train to Florence, sleep lateish, get up, get showered and dressed just in time, write your vows and then… do what?

Well, naturally, take the skate you brought all the way from the USA and pull a few tricks on the first floor balcony while your bride gets ready.

(Don’t believe us? Scroll down!)

As for Alexandria, she’s that kind of sweet, cheerful human being who always helps everyone around her. This time she helped this small wedding party have a week of their dreams in Tuscany having found the magical Villa Michelangelo in downtown Florence. It’s an ancient and luxurious villa in the old fashioned way, with history just jumping at you on every turn. We felt as if we were dropped into a very convincing movie set and we could almost hear il padrone ringing his servants to prepare la carrozza. It was a really crazy experience to feel transplanted in time like that.
The villa was so stunning that we decided to scrap the other plans and just have our session there — every corner was perfect!