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I shoot things as they happen, when they happen and I’ll never tell you what to do. I want you to have freedom to truly enjoy your wedding!

Every couple is unique and so should be your photos. The only thing I believe they should all share is authenticity! I’ll simply look for flattering light, wait for the right moment and record what is there!

Sometimes it will be an epic day-and-night-long story featuring dozens of characters and extravagant locations; sometimes it will be a small, intimate kaleidoscope of beautiful snapshots, honest moments and people who walked through your life on this particular day.

Often, it will be both.

When I arrive, I’ll talk to you, make an occasional joke, give you reassurance and advice, put you at ease if you’re uncertain about something; I’ll be your new acquaintance, a friend, support when you need me, and a photojournalist when you don’t. I’ll snap a quick shot and smile afterwards.

I also have exquisite eye for details that are easily overlooked, great intuition of what comes next, reflexes fast as lightning and equipment to match them.
Perfect ingredients to capture some amazing moments!

Weddings are such emotional events and by the time everything is over, you’ll feel like you’ve known me forever! And in a way, it’ll be true — you will have known me for your entire married life 🙂

I also know how tender some moments are and that the slightest interruption can sometimes ruin the magic. Don’t worry — it may be your first time getting married, but I’ve been through this many times before and I draw on this experience to help me judge moments as they unfold.

Trust between you and me is really important — we’re spending most of your biggest day together — and you need to trust me to know the significance of what’s going on. I’ll know when to stay away and let the events unfold, and recognize when emotions are so strong that I may get closer for a moment despite events that are unfolding. That’s how I record beautifully intimate shots without interrupting them.

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