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In our approach to shooting, we’re quick on our feet and we capture so much of what you often don’t notice in the hectic excitement of your day.

We have exquisite eye for details, great intuition of what comes next, reflexes as fast as lightning and equipment to match them. This allows us to let things unfold naturally and experience the wedding alongside you.

Don’t worry — while this may be your first wedding, we’ve been ‘married’ hundreds of times so we’ll be there if you need any suggestions or advice… and we won’t just try to act as if we’re invisible!

If a small change will make for much better photos, you can count on us sharing this advice with you. We’re there to make you look good!


Trust between you and us is really important — we’re spending most of your biggest day together — and you need to trust us to know the significance of what’s going on.

We’ll know when to shoot from a distance and let the events unfold, but also recognize when emotions are so strong that we may get closer for a moment to get that epic shot.

That’s how we got beautiful shots you can see throughout our galleries!

Weddings are such emotional events and by the time everything is over, you’ll feel like you’ve known us forever! And in a way, it’ll be true — you will have known us for your entire married life 🙂

how we shoot how we shoot


Our style is heavily influenced by two decades of shooting film, so we’re aiming for this filmic timelessness in our editing style.
As a result, our photos are colorful and authentic, reminiscent of the legendary chemistry on all the Kodaks, Fujis and Ilfords we shot (and still shoot).

For our videos, we don’t use big and complicated rigs that make us slow or waste precious time while events unfold.

Our secret weapons are a lightweight but high quality camera, cinematic lens and a million batteries. This gives us freedom to be everywhere we need to be at precisely the right time… and get the stunning footage each and every time.

Our editing is minimalistic and documentary-style without fancy effects that will look old-fashioned in a few years. If you don’t notice our edits which seamlessly merge with the music, we’ve done our jobs right!

how we shoot