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If you’re getting married in Dubrovnik, a Karaka wedding is an amazing detail to add to your day. The authentic ship build to ancient plans will whisk you away from the crowded Old Town Dubrovnik and allow you to discover amazing views of the city walls and island of Lokrum.

It can offer great food and drinks, while you and your guests relax and cool down from a hot day on a breezy sunset cruise.

Karaka wedding is a truly magical experience well worth considering, whether it’s the main act and you plan your ceremony aboard or you only plan to embark for a short while as an intermission.

Here are a few sample photos from a wedding we recently did.

L+V embarked on an hour long journey to Elafiti islands, where we were lucky to witness most amazing sunset of the year! It showered us with warm red light before turning into a crimson explosion. These colours juxtaposed with this ancient Karaka ship made for truly amazing photos.

Our final destination? Island of Koločep, just off the coast of Dubrovnik and the hidden little gem called Villa Rose. Scroll down to see more!

You can find more info about Karaka wedding here.

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