Island paradiseLokrumUntouched nature, sea & rocks

Island of Lokrum is situated a stonethrow away from Old Town Dubrovnik. It’s a natural reserve with rich vegetation, wild rocks and pristine blue sea. It has one of the oldest arboretums in the world with a lot of exotic plants and a few natural features of interest, like caves or a beautiful natural rock archway through which the sea is visible.
Golden hour on the island is nothing short of spectacular! And did we mention free wandering bunnies and peacocks?

The boat ride there takes only 15min and the boat leaves every half an hour, which makes it very accessible.



Hill Srđ offers one thing, but that one thing is spectacular. It’s overlooking the whole of Dubrovnik and nearby islands, both Elaphites and Lokrum! With good weather, near sunset, one shot there would be a thing to remember for life!
It takes a bit of light rock climbing to get to the best spots (shown below).

There is a cable car running to the very top which takes just 2-3min.