Lopud Wedding PhotographerMaria & MaxStory of a place dating back 50 years

Lopud is a secret island. It’s hidden in the middle of the Elaphite islands archipelago and most people miss it coming to Dubrovnik. That’s actually a good thing because it means it’s away from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik and an amazing place for a romantic getaway… even if you have 120 guests coming from all over the world!

Maria & Max have a long history with lopud. Max’s parents have been coming here each summer for past 50 years, so Max has a deep love for the place. And it just so happened that Maria shares that love.

After all, it’s in the botanical garden on Lopud, on their bench in the back of the garden, that he proposed and she said yes!
It was only fitting to have the wedding organised on the island and have the ceremony in their botanical garden.

Both Maria and Max have a bunch of really cool friends, so the wedding was upbeat from the get go. We start in the amazing Lafodia hotel (probably my favorite hotel I’ve ever been to at this point), explore the botanical garden and then come back for a dinner by the sea.

Lopud wedding photographer postira boat arriving at Lopud island town Lopud details island of Lopud panorama towards north beginning bridal preparations wedding dress wedding shoes bride all dressed up bride putting on the garter admiring selfies on the way to the venue flower decorations detail botanical garden for ceremony with chairs ceremony venue in botanical garden wedding rings bridal party arrives father taking the bride down the aisle officiant reading bride's bouquet bridesmaids and groomsmen with the couple exhanging vows groom reading his vows exchanging rings exchanging rings first kiss moment of intimacy after the ceremony bridesmaids and groomsmen leaving the big exit with confetti Lopud wedding photographer on session Lopud wedding photographer couple posing in the botanical garden on Lopud detail of the wedding dress Lopud wedding photographer Lopud wedding photographer Lafodia terrace reception venue reception venue details reception venue details the wedding party having dinner dusk sets Lopud harbour at night time couple's speech groom's speech couple first dance first dance dancing into the night flower arbour starry night