Maškovića Han WeddingAnja & JacobSummer wedding in olive groves and golden fields


Maškovića Han wedding venue is a nexus of cultures like no other! It’s situated in Dalmatia, just a 10 minute ride from Adriatic sea, but even though it’s firmly in Croatia with its western influences, its origin story is very eastern, dating back to the times Turks ruled these areas: the foundations were laid down in 1644.

It was commissioned by Jusuf Mašković, an Ottoman supreme admiral who intended it as his summer house when he retires from Constantinople. (What happened next is detailed on the official website)

Despite the tumultuous history, the Maškovića Han wedding today can be a stunning and eclectic mix of cultures, influences and nature. The Maskovica Han wedding venue is surrounded by olive groves, golden fields, ancient ruins far predating it and a traditional Dalmatian village around it.

Its rich green lawn contrasts wonderfully with the stone walls, and centuries old trees inside provide shade and refuge from the summer sun.

The food is amazing, but so is the setting where it’s served: on the lawn in the evening.

The thick stone walls and orange-tiled roofs hide guest rooms and the eastern influence in architecture is visible everywhere — it’s highly ornamental and stylized, which is especially visible in their caffe bar. (Although calling it caffe bar doesn’t do it justice).

This wedding took us from the apartments at the beach seafront in Pakoštane, to the first look in an ancient olive grove near lake Vrana and finally to the Maskovica Han wedding venue.