Moro beach weddingLena & JeremyWarm and glowing Adriatic beach wedding


This Moro beach wedding was stunning from start to finish! Lena and Jeremy love the sea and they wanted to get married somewhere far away. Lena has Croatian roots, so they picked the country more or less easily. But how to find the perfect spot?

How about an islet that has several smaller islets, off an amazing island just off a peninsula known for wine-growing, in the south of Adriatic? Why, that would provide just the right amount of water-surroundedness for L & J!

And so it was — the preparations for a beach wedding ensued.

White pebbles surrounded by green pine trees and turquoise sea fading into deep dark blue provided the color palette. Everything was handmade, DIY and personalized. Each guest that flew over half a world to reach the Moro beach, for example, got a photo print featuring a picture of them from the times past with L & J. We’ve seen so many surprised and touched faces we’re pretty certain this was a hit!

Flower arch was just on the edge of the water, with a huge swing in the sea not far behind, and guests stood on the beach looking at this amazing backdrop.

Cocktails and tears of joy flowed, food and dancing abound — take a look!

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