Proizd Wedding PhotographerSonja & TomThe most intimate love ceremony on a far off islet

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When I said the island was deserted, in fact it had a small restaurant. But what a restaurant it was! It was so in line with the nature that they cooked on the wooden grill, had no electricity (except for a small generator) and salt water, actual sea, was running through their plumbing!
Needless to say, everything there was either fish or shells and it was absolutely delicious!

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Where you begin the story when it is extraordinary from beginning to end? Well, let’s try at the beginning.

Sonja and Tom were probably the most easy-going couple we ever met. They were so informal, in fact, that they weren’t even going to get a photographer for their big day. Luckily, her mum told them to do anything and everything their way, but do get a photographer; she knew how frail memories are. And this is where this story begins, with us as Proizd wedding photographers.

She told me her heart beats for the ocean and Tom, and his heart beats for the mountains, forests… and Sonja. Each and every part of their wedding reflected this.

Imagine a wedding on a pebble beach, waves gently crashing on the rocks surrounding them, at sunset. And imagine this beach on a small island, completely deserted except for their closest guests. And let’s have that island be just off a bigger island, where she spent her childhood summers and where she took Tom for their summers. And let’s have that island be in the country with a thousand islands, in all directions.

She described their wedding as a love ceremony. What did that mean, I wondered? Weren’t all weddings love ceremonies? Well, it was all shrouded in mystery until the day came, where it turned out that love ceremony was what she really meant!

There was no officiant, no priest. No music, no chairs for the big wedding party. No mobile phones held in the air, no recording instead of experiencing. No reading of the vows or sermons. What was there, you may wonder?

The closest friends and family gathered in a circle as Sonja’s brother gave a few introductory words. Instead of the vows, everyone paused for a minute to look at awe and immerse themselves in the place they found themselves — on a beautiful beach, alone, at sunset. They exchanged the rings and kissed… Beauty is in the simplicity.

Finally, you will surely notice a stunning wedding dress Hollie by Grace Loves Lace, which fluttered in the sea breeze with all of its ribbons. I couldn’t imagine a better choice for this occasion — it just merged seamlessly with the beauty around us as it fluttered in the wind.

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