Rab Wedding Photographer & VideographerDanica & DanielA sweet retro-inspired Croatian-Swedish summer Rab island wedding


Here’s a sweet and charming couple who picked Rab island in Croatia as the place to say their “I Do’s”. Or perhaps it picked them, as Daniel has family roots reaching way back to Rab island.

As Rab wedding photographer & videographer, Marina and I kind of knew the lay of the land from our other adventures down the Dalmatian coast — a quaint and peaceful little island town full of ancient stone houses, narrow stone alleys and of course, stone churches. It’s always a fun challenge to weave our way through the streets and discover gems in stone atriums, look for stray rays of light and find unexpected textures among the stone house faces.

The town of Rab is small and elongated, but in that small area it manages to fit no less than four churches — or rather, three plus a big cathedral, each with its own belltower. (On the first photo below you can see three towers in the background, with our couple on the fourth.)

The cathedral is among the oldest in Croatia and quite completely amazing. Even better, it turned out to be our ceremony venue, oh wow! You need to see the rays of sunshine backlighting our couple and the guests during the later parts of the ceremony (if you can’t wait, scroll up!).

Ceremony at such an old building is always a boon to good photography and videography, and when it’s beautifully decorated and accented with rays of sun it just becomes something else. The main star of the wedding however (other than our sweet couple) was the Arbiana heritage hotel. Completely restored yet retaining its ancient charm, it was amazing just to walk through its lobby. We’re big fans of Wes Anderson’s color palette and we kept getting reminded of his style throughout the hotel, wherever we turned.

Thinking back, so many of our shots were echoing through its halls during all the parts of the wedding as our path kept brining us back to it again and again, and our eyes kept getting enticed into shooting just one… more… shot.

It’s irresistible — check it out below — but equally amazing was the styling of our couple. Unmistakably retro, it went hand in hand with the style of the hotel and the whole wedding. And after getting to know Danica and Daniel, we’re pretty certain that wasn’t a lucky coincidence.
They just exuded sweetness, love and charm.