Rovinj wedding photographer & videographerVaska & GoranSimple wedding of a charming couple at grand venues


Persistence pays. This Rovinj wedding was postponed due to corona, but it only got delayed for a few months. At the time we thought it was brave, maybe a bit too optimistic, but when the date came, everything fell into place.
We, on the other hand, have for a long time wished to visit Rovinj again and shoot a wedding there and officially become Rovinj wedding photographer & videographer. And again, persistence paid off when we were invited to this amazing wedding.

Okay, let’s talk about Rovinj. It’s a quaint little (-ish) town on western coast of Istria. It’s famous for the way its old core filled a tiny peninsula in the most beautiful and picturesque way imaginable. (Just scroll down to see for yourselves)
On top of it is the huge church of St. Euphemia, an imposing structure with huge bell-tower and a stunning ceremony venue if you’re dreaming of a church wedding.

Rovinj is colorful — just a simple stroll with a camera took us hours because we couldn’t help but shoot all kinds of details along the way. The ancient façades faithfully kept track of the passage of time on their faces.

But what charmed us the most were the narrow and sometimes steep alleys that criss-cross the entire old town. No cars, no traffic, just occasional bike and quite a bit of people in awe, wandering around, looking up and bumping into walls.

We were no different: we could have spent hours exploring what Rovinj has to offer. (And we probably did!)

The wedding itself was masterfully prepared and decorated by Lela design, beginning and ending in the truly Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, which spoilt Vaska & Goran every step of the way.

They are charming, sweet and always smiling, as you’ll see the moment you scroll down. They kept things simple, giving them all the more meaning, and the whole wedding party comprised just the closest family and friends — a great recipe for a meaningful and relaxed day.

Our coverage starts with the short video we recorded. If you’re falling in love with the place scrolling through our images, we don’t blame you — just get in touch, we’d love to join you as Rovinj wedding photographer & videographer!