Split Wedding PhotographerAndrea & IgorYoung & In Love in Split

Andrea and Igor were that kind of couple photographers dream about! They’re charming and gracious, but relaxed and with a sense of humour. They are very young, yet very long together. They are very much in love and can’t keep their hands off each other. And did I mention beautiful?
Andrea’s dress was nothing short of spectacular; as you scroll down, notice the moment when we let the train loose on the ancient stone floors of Diocletian’s Palace.

Both of them are shy and run away from being in the center of attention. (which, by some chance, is what the whole wedding day is all about!) It’s probably true that if Andrea wasn’t a passionate photography enthusiast they wouldn’t want a photographer around at all. Luckily for us, she really appreciates good photography so she asked me to come from Dubrovnik to Split to be their wedding photographer.

Their wedding was very low-key and different, completely off-script. We practically jump in immediately to the session around the beautiful park of Sustipan, in the centre of which is their special place in Split; they spent innumerable days sitting on its stone wall and gazing at the Adriatic in front of them.

It was probably both comforting and nostalgic to them at the same time, as Igor is a sailor and often leaves for months long tours.

Next on our itinerary are the living, pulsing and vibrant grounds of Diocletian’s Palace in the very heart of Split. Going into their church (cathedral of Sv. Duje) from Peristyle itself was entering into another, ornate but peaceful world of reflection and solemnity.

After their vows, final leg of our journey takes us to the famous Marjan park-forest, an icon of Split and a refuge for many looking to get away from the throng of the city. We visited the Benedikt restaurant, breathtakingly decorated by the Semper Fi agency, bursting with sweet colors and details.

And, this is where we end our story because there was no formal procedures whatsoever, no first dance and no cake cutting. Just a great meal with the closest of family and friends.
I kept thinking to myself… what a different way to start your married life this turned out to be!


bride holding up the wedding dress rings in bride's palm bride in the mirror buttoning up the wedding dress last minute adjustments on the wedding dress with needle and thread emotional moment between bride and grand aunt bride and brother emotional moment between bride and her mother couple in park Sustipan park Sustipan in Split groom hugging the bride from behind hands detail with engagement ring wedding bouquet groom's shoes newlyweds being playful kiss with sea in the background session around Diocletian's Palace couple walking around Diocletian's Palace vestibule in Split couple inside vestibule couple in vestibule in Diocletian's Palace cathedral of Sv. Duje bell tower cathedral of Sv. Duje entrance cathedral of Sv. Duje details bride walking down the aisle with her father exchanging rings exchanging rings first kiss flower petals thrown on the newlyweds as they leave the church emotional moment bride posing with weddingdress and train on the stairs of the cathedral couple holding hands passionate kiss under the veil lampoons restaurant Benedikt on Marjan table flower decorations flowers in a birdcage sweet table sweets restaurant decorations and love spelled out restaurant decorations couple on the pier with sea in the background couple on Marjan park-forest rings close-up newlyweds holding hands food detail lamps and decorations at dusk