Sunset Beach DubrovnikKelly & GavinAdriatic-Australian Summer Boho Wedding

Sunset Beach Uvala Lapad, Dubrovnik, is the epicentre of today’s wedding. Its olive grove was turned into the ceremony venue, and the glass-walled restaurant was the place of choice for dinner reception, which was heating up just as the day was winding down with a beautiful sunset.

Kelly and Gavin decided to have a mixture of Australian and Croatian wedding, as Kelly has Croatian roots and wanted to emphasize that this wasn’t just any ol’ destination wedding, but a sort of family reunion as well. And what better reunion than one with a huge party thrown in?
This made for an unusual and interesting day as the customs mixed and the guests which were split half and half pretty evenly enjoyed different takes on the wedding traditions they knew.

Our sweet and charming couple had this wonderful dynamic between them which was both playful and romantic, so it was a real joy working with them on the streets of the Old Town Dubrovnik.

Ceremony was just as beautiful as you’d expect from an olive grove decorated by a ton of flowers and details, while the snack table was brimming with delicious cheeses and fruit.

As we were finishing up with the session, Kelly and Gavin had a real Croatian reception on their way to the dinner reception — red flares at dusk lit up the darkening sky! We captured it as it looked awesome! We end with a colorful night-long party and midnight pizzas!