Dubrovnik WeddingToni & MiroA day of smiles and joyful tears


Toni and Miro are that kind of warm, caring people who just radiate affection all around… not only affection for each other, but love and consideration for everyone around.

It wasn’t therefore surprising that in their search for wedding photographers they ended up choosing us, knowing that means they found a couple who will feel, appreciate and in the end portray those emotions.

We alway say this kind of connection with your photographers is important and these photos prove this beyond any doubt.

We met with them for coffee and clicked instantly. The romance only continued on our adventure on Lokrum island, between the wild bunnies and peacocks, big waves and warm September breeze.

We’re all coffee lovers, so naturally we ended our session with a quick cup of Italian style coffee.

This turned out to be an unbelievably emotional wedding. While Toni was entering the church, drops of tears were glistening on many faces… which continued throughout the day, reaching the peak as the first dances unfolded at Grand Villa Argentina.