Villa Dalmatia Split WeddingMagdalena & JonA classy wedding of a sweet couple at a stunning villa in Split


This late summer day brings us to Split, for a stunning Villa Dalmatia wedding… but first we begin in the old town of Split, more specifically in its ancient Roman core of Diocletian’s palace.

Dalmatia is interesting for many reasons, but one of our favorites is the face that all ancient towns with Roman heritage have old cores which are still living, hustling and bustling. They haven’t been turned into museums or vacated of their residents so they could become passive tourist attractions!

The Diocletian’s palace has now become woven into the wider town of Split in a way that makes them inseparable — you could be forgiven if you didn’t even notice the moment you entered inside the former palace walls. This area is now regularly crowded with visitors enjoying the shade of narrow alleys, drinking an espresso in a café or looking for a fish dinner in one of the many restaurants.

It’s in just one such narrow alley, above a café, through a stone arch passageway that we find stairs leading to the beautiful apartment where we first met Jon. Spirits were high and excitement palpable as he prepared for the hectic day ahead.

Meanwhile, few hundred meters closer to the seafront, in an apartment overlooking the orange tiled roofs, Magdalena was finishing her makeup and opening a bottle of champagne with her bridesmaids to set the tone for the rest of the day.

As she was walking to meet Jon in the vestibule, near their church, her classy and minimalistic retro dress was fluttering in the refreshing sea breeze. After an emotional first look and a loooong embrace, a tear or two got wiped away and we were underway to ceremony in the cathedral of St. Domnius, one of the oldest cathedrals in Dalmatia.

Next and final stop was the Villa Dalmatia wedding dinner and seaside party.

Villa Dalmatia is a stunning property situated right next to the sea, separated from nearby houses by a huuuuuge garden, palms, pine forest and rocks, with its own private beach, huge atrium doubling as a dance floor and a submarine dock (don’t ask!).

The main atrium is decorated by rich purple bougainvillea flowers and a hundred lightbulbs, creating a magical atmosphere, only accented by an amazing light-show that shone bright once the night descended on this Villa Dalmatia wedding.