Villa Rose Wedding KolocepMichelle & KennyEffortlessly elegant wedding on the island of Koločep

This chic and stylish Villa Rose wedding (or Villa Ruža, in Croatian) took place in Dubrovnik and on the Koločep island.

We begin in Dubrovnik, where bride and bridesmaids got ready and dressed in their elegant pastel-off-pink dresses. Next, a wooden boat whisked us away to the island of Kolocep and the ceremony venue at Villa Rose.
The boat ride was relaxed and everyone got drinks to ease the heat of early September. And it’s good that they did because the ceremony venue on Villa Rose left us speechless! Le Salon’s flowers and Yes I DU’s decorations fit in perfect unison to create a shabby-chic combination you’ll see below.

Ceremony itself was uncharacteristically emotional, with the Kenny getting teary eyes as he saw Michelle for the first time, walking down the aisle. It was truly a sight to behold!

The reception part of Villa Rose was even more stunning with beautiful off-white and dirty-pink roses, orange crystal glasses, beautiful personal menus, tall and lean candle holders and other stylish details.

We went for a short session on the rocks below the venue and caught beautiful warm sunset light. Take a look at this effortlessly elegant Villa Rose wedding below!