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We’re a Vis wedding photographer and videographer, and we’re in love with Vis. 😊 Scroll down to see more of our photography and videography from the island, and read more about island of Vis at the bottom of the article.



As a Vis wedding photographer & videographer, we have to say that Vis is a magical island. The thing you will notice immediately is the laid-back vibe on the island. Everyone is friendly and relaxed, so it doesn’t take long for you too to slow down and start enjoying every moment on the island. Vis is in large part based on nautical tourism, so during the weekend when the rented boats need to return to their home ports, the island is peaceful and quiet — you basically have the whole place to yourselves! It’s a huge contrast to party islands like Hvar, or busy meccas like Dubrovnik or Rovinj. This special slow vibe of the island makes it one of our favorite places in the world!

Vis is located in the middle of the Adriatic sea, pretty far on the way from Croatian coast to Italy, and it feels like you’re very far away from the mainland. Everything is dependent on few daily ferries that run for two and a half hours to Split and life organizes around the giant ship sailing into the small harbour.

But the magic comes from that self-sufficiency. Vis is a pretty large island, so while you can find various beaches all around the island, amazing blue caves and smaller islets in all directions, when you get to the inside of the island it’s all different. You can find an old airstrip surrounded by vineyards, and pine forests intertwined with fields where local produce is grown. (And boy does the local produce taste amazing!)

We took scooters to explore the island and it’s an amazing way to feel the breeze on your skin, all the summer scents and truly take in the island. The only problem? We were stopping every 100 meters to take a photo, so each trip took forever!

Here’s a few recommendations. Take a hike (a literal, serious hike) to the Stiniva beach. It will leave you breathless! Take a sip of cold Vugava, a local grape variety from which the namesake white wine is made. Try Komiška pogača, a delicious local kind of bread filled with salted anchovies and other secret ingredients.

And while on the subject, definitely visit the charming town of Komiža, right on the other side of island with an excursion to Biševo island and see the blue cave. And of course, eat a breakfast at Frutarija, lunch at Aerodrom and dinner at Lola bar in town of Vis.

Here are more ideas if you’d like.

The highlight of our trips was, of course, the weddings. That’s what a Vis wedding photographer & videographer does, after all. The most popular venue for the ceremony and dinner receptions is always the amazing Fort George. It’s a mighty fort perched on top of a hill overlooking the town of Vis, its bay and open Adriatic sea. Once it was a strategic position, and today it’s just a stunning venue with an amazing view all around; not to mention the amazing food they offer!

The whole experience was amazing and we highly recommend Vis for anyone after amazing food and beautiful nature, away from all the hustle and bustle of Adriatic tourism. From the charming villages to the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, Vis is the perfect setting for a memorable wedding.


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