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Here’s firsthand information from us, Croatian wedding photographers. It’s concise and regularly updated.

Current as of: January 18th, 2021


  • Coronavirus status in Croatia: decrease of daily new cases.
  • Borders are open towards EU/Schengen member countries, with conditions.
  • Wedding receptions are not allowed, restaurants and venues are closed.


  • Crossing the border into Croatia is not dependent on your citizenship, but on the incidence of coronavirus in the area you are coming from. (14.1.2021.)
  • If the origin country is not on the ECDC’s green list, entry into Croatia is allowed with a negative test not older than 48h (or isolation and testing upon arrival). You can enter freely if you’re coming from a country on the green list. (14.1.2021.)
  • For countries deemed risky by the Croatian public health institute, a 14 day quarantine applies, which can be shortened to 7 days with another fresh negative PCR test. (15.1.2021.)
  • List of ‘risky countries’ should be published on January 15th. At the moment it is likely to contain only the UK and South Africa. (14.1.2021.)
  • For more info, visit the Ministry of internal affairs FAQ. On the bottom of the FAQ you will also find a form where you can ask a question.
  • You can also contact this e-mail (Ministry of internal affairs) and ask for details in your specific case.
  • While crossing the border, everyone needs to provide certain epidemiological and contact information. Authorities created a website to ensure smoother border crossing. Fill in this form to reduce waiting at the border. (28.5.2020.)

International & domestic travel

  • Some international flights to/from Croatia are in operation.
  • National carrier Croatia Airlines is connecting Zagreb with Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar and Pula. Masks are required to board.
  • Intercity buses, trains and flights are operating.
  • Boats and ferries to islands are operating normally.

Weddings and events

  • Wedding receptions are not allowed until further notice. (14.1.2021.)
  • Churches are open and officiants for civil/legal ceremonies are allowed to work.


  • Masks are required in all interior spaces and in public transportation.
  • Some businesses are open, including shopping malls.
  • Restaurants and cafés are closed. Only delivery is allowed. (28.11.2020.)
  • Hotels and private accommodation are allowed to operate, following epidemiological guidelines.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re putting in a lot of effort to follow local news and keep on top of everyday developments.

Finally, here’s some general wedding advice in corona times, which apply no matter where in the world you want to get married.

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