Zagreb Wedding Photographer & VideographerSuzana & DarkoA snowy winter wonderland with exquisite decor

Compared to summer, winter weddings are few and far between, but we never thought this was fair. Pick the right part of winter, the right location, the right decorations and the magic will sweep you off your feet!

Suzana and Darko did just that and we as Zagreb wedding photographer & videographer just had our minds blown away by what they had envisioned!

The day started with snow… Oh the excitement! When we woke up, snow was light in our part of town, but we knew they lived in hills quite a way away from Zagreb; it would be much fun getting there. And it was — we hardly managed to climb the hill! (by ‘we’, I mean our car).

We found the groom shovelling snow and congratulating us for making it to the top by car; he had to leave his car lower down and walk.

The sights along the way stopped our breaths, and the day only got better from there. After a session under snow flakes and Christmas lights of the world famous Zagreb Advent, we went to our ceremony & reception venue – Kuglana Grmošćica, an old bowling alley.

It turned out we’ve seen nothing yet! The exquisite decor of the rustic venue and warm winter colours blew our minds. We literally didn’t know where to turn and what to shoot first. Luckily, we got a grip and went on a shooting spree!

Take a look at what we recorded below, starting with the video and followed by the same story told thru a different lens. Enjoy!